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More than 4123 people have benefited from RHU’s Medical camp on the Korogocho surbub of Nairobi to help less priviledged people have access to free professional medical care.

The camp is an initiative of Real Health Uganda with support from its Korean and Kenyan Counterparts to provide General medicine services and a few minor surgeries.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Titus Busonga, the Executive Director Of Real Health Uganda and the chief organiser said that the three-day, medical camp is meant to carry out different tests, diagnose, treat and make referrals to those who may need specialized medical care and treatment. He added that under his leadership, RHU intends to provide similar services every year in different regions in Kenya through RHU’s partnerships.

“We continue to provide such medical camps in under-priviledged areas to provide an opportunity for certain people to have access to free, professional and quality health care services across East Africa and some part of Asia”

Organisational Partners like GNMV, The Korean Institute of Medical Professionals, Chonnam University and the Third Doctors have continued to support RHU’s Medical Missions in the region and beyond. Country governments provide an environment for easy implementation and supports in-country engagement policies for the partnerships.

RHU’s Secretary General, Dr. Enock Okello Otim has managed core implementation of the medical camp. Over 67 medical volunteers from Africa and Asia camped in Nairobi for a weeklong engagement in activities that saw more than 4000 Kenyan access care and treatment.

“Its been very successful here, I am grateful to our leadership at the Headquarters in Uganda for such aggressive implementations. This kind of Success speaks to the effectiveness of that leadership under the able Dr. Eliezah Busonga. Our region remains in dire need of such services and through our programs we will continue to provide”

Patients we have interacted with have expressed their gratitude to all stakeholders who are working day and night to ensure that healthcare services remain accessible for all.

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