Pregnant mothers should remain healthy to see their babies through the first 90 days

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (eclampsia), sepsis, PPH, Malaria in pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism, and hematological challenges remains some of the leading causes of maternal deaths in Uganda. These are avoidable challenges and if addressed, can go a long way in promoting positive response to challenges in maternal health, perinatal medicine and care.

Birth asphyxia, congenital anomalies, complications of prematurity and other leading causes of perinatal deaths in Uganda are all linked to maternal health and care. We have worked with community groups to discuss and develop domesticated projects to help women stay healthy during and after pregnancy and to have the knowledge to support their babies through the critical 90 days of life.

A woman arrives at the community RHU event for screening and assessment.

Maternal health services provided to women in Maganjo B Ssabawaali.

Mothers turn up for vaccines at a RHU Network facility.

Women attend the UKMC activitiy in Nansana Wakiso district.


RHU provides services for Tdap Vaccinations at Network facoilities across Uganda.

Pregnant women attend ANC services provided by RHU at various sites in Eastern Uganda

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Result-Based Financing

Cost effective approached to equitable access to services.

Engage families

Expectant families play a huge role in both mom & baby's life.

Health Education

CMEs to midwives and clinicians on early & quality response.

Emergency services

Emergency care is crucial for mothers with complications.

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