Adolescent sexual reproductive health services play a role in ending Aids by 2030

The “Adolescent Wellness Initiative” by Real Health Uganda is a holistic program aimed at promoting comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) among adolescents. This initiative seeks to empower young individuals with accurate information, skills, and support to make informed decisions about their sexual health, foster positive relationships, and contribute to their overall well-being.

The “Adolescent Wellness Initiative” is not only about addressing immediate health concerns but also about empowering adolescents to make informed choices that positively impact their sexual and reproductive health, overall well-being, and future prospects.

The ASRH Mobile Health (mHealth) Initiative continues to keep you updated

Peer Education Project: stabilising participation for young people in ASHR Services

Community Outreaches for awareness on ASRH Support services

Developing communication skills, consent, and building healthy relationships amongst youth

Counseling and Mental Health Support Services for youth.

Access to Youth-Friendly Health Services: Promoting facility and community based ASHR Services

The ASRH Program continues to work with communities to support young people and their families.

Youth-friendly Services

RHU youth-friendly services are available at network facilities.

ASRH mHealth Initiative

Bringing ASRH Services closer to youth in schools and villages.

Peer Education Services

School and community projects provide services and information.

Parenthood support

Promoting family health for better child growth & development

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