Welfare committee

We take the welfare of the people we work with seriously and we have a special services committee under the Department of Human Resource, working with board committees to ensure full performance of staff.

The Admin & Budget Office, oversights the Financial Services Department and is responsible for preparing and monitoring the RHU Annual Budget. Find quick access to RHU budgets and budget meeting presentations.

Quality of care is close to our hearts and an important aspect of improving access to services. DHHS runs a Quality assurance committee to ensure all the work and services RHU is involved in beat the highest of standards

DHHS runs a Medical services committee that supports all aspects of clinical and health care services. Clinical research and other medical activities all fall under the decisions made by this committee.

This committee ensure we have the best health care service providers by building capacity and ensuring everyone is involved in learning. They are directly responsible for both the training of medical workers and communities of RHU.

This committee is responsible for community analysis and support services. They advise the executive committee on target communities and helps departments plan better for such communities. It also helps the organisation to monitor and evaluate impact.

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