Medical Supplies

As we continue quarterly donations of medicines and supplies amidst challenges in access to quality health care, government continues to struggle with resources to facilitate facility based needs, human resource and utilities. Our medical support program continues to empower facilities to support their patients as they wait for government resources amidst the crisis.

Together with our partners, we will be donating medical equipment to facilities in Eastern and Central Uganda as a supplementary of requests sent in between December 2021 and Janaury 2022. The supplementary comes from individual resources and kind support provided by members to improve access to services for women and children in Central and Eastern Uganda.

The Board released extensive support to help respond to requests from partner facilities with proven high burden of patients across alll clinical disciplines. Medicines, clinical beds, surgical sets among other supplies have been approved for donations by the end of February 2022.

“We know what our government is going through and we know what facilities are holding on to, we want to support everyone’s efforts to ensure that people can access services across all sectors but more specifically for women and their children” Said Dr. Beatrice Kakya. RHU will continue passing supplementaries as and when required to ensure that facilities well prepare for patients. Reports from receipients of RHU donations confirm that there is significant effect of supplies donations across all clinical disciplines and continue to urge RHU to support their facilities with these resources.

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