Period Jan-Mar 2023

Re-assuring Our Commitment to Patients: Real Health Uganda (RHU) expresses gratitude to medical professionals and supporters for their dedication amidst financial challenges and unfavorable working conditions. Our partners in Korea continue to support us in making sure resources are available either in kind or financially as may be required.

Activities to Hold this Quarter: RHU anticipates ongoing challenges in Uganda’s clinical sector, including strikes, financial constraints, and public health crises like polio and Ebola outbreaks. Despite these challenges, RHU remains committed to promoting community health through physical and online engagements.

Medicines & Supplies: Malaria remains a significant concern, especially for children under five years old, with peak mortality during specific months. RHU aims to provide pediatric doses to address this issue. Financial constraints limited specialist appointments for malaria treatment in January.

Clinical Care & Treatment: Efforts to hold the Uganda Korea Medical Camp are underway, with five health centers offering to host the event. However, financial constraints hinder the provision of medicines, supplies, and accommodations.

Information & Education: Treatment accessibility at RHU-supported facilities remained at 36% for the previous quarter, with an increasing number of patients referred to specialists. Financial limitations affect activities, particularly in pediatric treatment.

Quarterly Impact to Accessibility and Quality of Care: RHU engaged 6971 patients across nine facilities, with only 2765 receiving free medical services. Mental health services are provided without additional support, and community teams engaged 915 patients, some benefiting from SOMI bus services.

Despite challenges, RHU continues to prioritize patient care and seeks support to overcome financial constraints and provide essential services to vulnerable communities.

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