Agenda and Minutes

Date: June 8, 2019
Venue: Tick Hotel Kawempe
Participants: 58


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • The meeting began at 09:00AM.
    • Dr. Luyombya welcomed participants.
    • Commended Dr. Busonga Eliezah Titus for outstanding leadership in the clinical sector.
    • Acknowledged Dr. Busonga’s managerial skills related to clinics and hospitals.
    • Recognized Dr. Busonga’s achievements in research and leadership.
    • Highlighted the history of RHU and celebrated its success.
    • Expressed gratitude to the Executive for supporting the election period and announced new appointments.
    • Congratulated newly filled community and executive positions.
    • Announced the upcoming election of the board scheduled for January 2020.
  2. Executive and Community Representation and Election:
    • Discussed the roles of the executive and community representation.
    • Detailed the election process for the upcoming board election in January 2020.
  3. RHU Programs and Projects:
    • Presented an overview of current and upcoming RHU programs and projects.
  4. Social Support Services Outside Our Scope:
    • Discussed the potential expansion of social support services beyond the current scope.
  5. Members Deliberations:
    • Opened the floor for members’ deliberations.
  6. Resolutions:
    a. Board Elections Preparation:
    • Resolved to prepare for board elections in January 2020.
    b. Increased Funding and SOMI Bus Fundraising:
    • Agreed to increase funding and initiate fundraising efforts for a new SOMI Bus.
    c. Incorporating Non-emergency Patient Transport:
    • Decided to include non-emergency patient transport as part of the emergency services at RHU.
    d. Organizing 2020 UKMC Event:
    • Resolved to organize the 2020 UKMC event, even if the Korea Team doesn’t participate.
    e. Participation in TTD Activities Outside Uganda:
    • Agreed to actively participate in TTD (The Third Doctors) activities outside Uganda.
  7. Closing Remarks:
    • VP External suggested Dr. Busonga takes on the RHU presidency and continues to manage the organization as the executive officer.
    • Dr. Luyombya suggested Dr. Busonga remains as the head of surgery.
    • Dr. Balumywa K. Edwin seconded the motion by the VP External, and Dr. Irene Kalyango supported the motion by Dr. Luyombya, receiving unwavering support from the attendees.
    • The meeting was adjourned.

These minutes are a summary and are subject to approval at the next AGM.

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