Agenda and Minutes

Date: May 06, 2021
Venue: Real Health Uganda Offices
Participants: 23

  • President (interim): Dr. Busonga Eliezah
  • Vice-President Internal (interim): Dr. Katushabe Brenda
  • Vice-President External (interim): Dr. Keith Musinguzi
  • Treasurer (interim): Borrison Muguluma
  • Number of Participants: 23


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • Dr. Busonga Eliezah, the interim President, convened the meeting and extended a warm welcome to all attendees.
    • Recognition was given to the interim Executive and Board for their commendable efforts since the previous meeting in November 2020.
    • An overview of the year’s accomplishments and progress was provided.
  2. Work Completed So Far:
    • Utilization of funding from TTD for various initiatives.
    • Support extended to healthcare workers facing COVID-19 challenges at network facilities.
    • Distribution of COVID-19 equipment to 32 health centers in 2020.
    • Continued emergency support for RHU communities.
    • Adaptation of community groups to address COVID-19 challenges.
    • Assistance provided to teenage mothers in Eastern Uganda.
  3. Creating Partnerships:
    • Discussions held with Lifetech Africa for potential partnerships.
    • Deliberations on future medical investments and collaborations with local stakeholders.
    • Forging partnerships with Mobitech Digital and Step FM Teenage Moms program.
    • Exploration of collaboration opportunities with the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology.
  4. Agenda Adoption:
    • A motion to adopt the agenda was proposed by Ms. Salma and seconded by Dr. Sserwanga, which was unanimously approved.
  5. Proposed Activities:
    • Continued provision of COVID-19 support services.
    • Shift towards targeted support for individual patients over generalized health center assistance.
    • Procurement and distribution of essential medical supplies.
  6. Questions and Discussion:
    • Participants engaged in discussions regarding the effectiveness of current initiatives and explored potential areas for improvement.
  7. Governance:
    • The current leadership team is slated to continue leading until the end of 2023.
    • Additional governance matters were addressed during the meeting.
  8. Additional Issues Discussed:
    • Exploration of expanding RHU’s reach to underserved regions.
    • Consideration of incorporating telemedicine services into RHU’s programs.
    • Discussion on enhancing community engagement and empowerment initiatives.
  9. Upcoming Events:
    • Hosting a health education workshop in rural communities.
    • Organizing a fundraising gala to support RHU’s initiatives.
    • Collaborating with local schools to conduct health awareness campaigns.
  10. Closing Remarks:
    • Dr. Busonga Eliezah expressed gratitude to all attendees for their contributions and dedication.
    • The meeting concluded with a reminder that these minutes serve as a summary and are subject to formal approval at the next Annual General Meeting.

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