Subject: New Staff Guidelines

Dear Team,

I hope this memo finds you well. As part of our commitment to fostering a positive work environment, we have recently updated the staff guidelines. These guidelines, available in the shared drive, are designed to ensure a consistent and supportive workplace culture. We appreciate your dedication to Real Health Uganda’s mission and believe that these guidelines will serve as a valuable resource in maintaining a harmonious and productive workspace.

Please take a moment to review the updated guidelines at your earliest convenience. You are required to sign in to your intranet, pull up your profile and click on employee policies and guidelines. Please note that the system will notify HR that you have reveiwed these policies and once you sign they will automatically upgrade your intranet. If you do not sign these policies again, you will not be able to view any information related you Real Health Uganda.

Your adherence to these guidelines is integral to sustaining a positive and collaborative work atmosphere. Should you have any questions or require clarification on any point, do not hesitate to reach out to your department head or the HR department. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Regards, Joan Kaitesi: Senior Legal Officer.

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