Agenda and Minutes

Date: May 05, 2023
Venue: Golf Course Hotel
Participants: 67
Chairperson: Dr. Busonga Eliezah
Vice-President Internal: Dr. Katushabe Brenda
Vice-President External: Dr. Musinguzi Keith
Treasurer: Borrison Muguluma


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • Dr. Busonga Eliezah, the Chairperson, initiated the meeting with gratitude to all attendees, underscoring the significance of the Annual General Meeting.
    • Shared what looked to be the best of achievements for RHU so far since inception and a successful implementation of the “Leaving no One behind” Strategic plan.
  2. Way Forward After the “Leaving No One Behind” Strategic Period:
    • Evaluations of the preceding strategic period were discussed, outlining plans for future initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all stakeholders.
  3. Achievements and Future Plans:
    • Past achievements were reviewed, highlighting successful projects while identifying areas for enhancement.
    • Future plans were deliberated, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to continuous growth and development.
  4. Consultations for the 2025-2029 Strategic Plan:
    • The importance of stakeholder input for the upcoming strategic plan was emphasized, with plans outlined for consultations in 2024 to gather insights and feedback for formulating the new strategic plan.
  5. Funding Resources:
    • Strategies to secure funding resources for forthcoming projects and initiatives were deliberated, exploring various avenues such as grants, donations, and partnerships.
  6. Election for Board and Executive in 2024:
    • Discussions revolved around the forthcoming election for the Board and Executive in 2024, stressing the need for transparency, fairness, and accountability in the election process.
  7. Amendments Required to Facilitate the New Strategic Plan:
    • Proposed amendments to organizational policies and procedures were discussed to align with the goals of the new strategic plan, with decisions made to facilitate effective plan implementation.
  8. Support for Orphanages:
    • Strategies to bolster support for orphanages and vulnerable children were deliberated upon, resulting in decisions regarding initiatives to provide assistance, resources, and support to orphanages within the community.
  9. Any Other Business (AOB):
    • Participants were given the opportunity to address additional matters during this segment of the meeting.

Decisions Made:

  1. Formation of a Task Force: A task force will oversee the development and implementation of the new strategic plan for 2025-2029.
  2. Engagement Plan: A comprehensive engagement plan will be developed to ensure active stakeholder participation in the consultation process for the new strategic plan.
  3. Fundraising Committee: A fundraising committee will be established to explore and pursue various funding opportunities to support organizational initiatives.
  4. Election Guidelines: Clear guidelines and procedures will be established for the 2024 Board and Executive election to uphold transparency and fairness.
  5. Policy Review: Organizational policies will be reviewed and amended as necessary to align with the objectives of the new strategic plan.
  6. Orphanage Support Program: Initiation of a dedicated program to provide ongoing support to orphanages and vulnerable children, including financial assistance, mentorship, and resource provision.

Closing Remarks:

  • Dr. Busonga Eliezah, in concluding the meeting, expressed gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and commitment to the organization’s mission. The meeting adjourned with a reminder to review and approve the minutes at the next meeting.

(Note: These minutes serve as a summary and are subject to formal approval at the next meeting.)

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