June 26th marked the commencement of field visits to health centers as part of The Third Doctors’ Uganda Medical Camp. Here’s a breakdown of the day’s activities:

  1. Health Center Visit:
    • Departed early from Kampala to reach Ikumbya Health Center, a rural facility located approximately 2 hours away from Jinja.
    • Participated in a welcoming ceremony organized by the health center staff and local community members.
    • Tour of the health center facilities and discussions with staff regarding operational challenges and needs.
    • Delivery of pre-purchased medicines to the health center.
  2. Community Interaction:
    • Spent time interacting with local children after the official proceedings at the health center.
    • Departed from Ikumbya Health Center after approximately 5 hours to return to the accommodation.

June 26th primarily focused on the first-hand assessment of the health center’s conditions and the delivery of much-needed medical supplies to the rural community.

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