On June 25th, 2018, the team embarked on their first day of official activities for the Visit organized by The Third Doctors and RHU. The main activities of the day included purchasing supplies for the health centers and orphanages to be visited later in the week.

  1. Currency Exchange and Fund Management:
    • USD was exchanged for Ugandan shillings at a local exchange office.
    • After deducting $2,400 for purchasing medicines, the remaining funds were deposited into a newly opened account under Director No’s name at Real Health Uganda.
  2. Medicine Purchase:
    • Visited a pharmacy to procure medicines worth 9,300,000 Ugandan shillings.
    • Medicines were pre-requested by Real Health Uganda for distribution at the scheduled health centers.
  3. Stationery Purchase:
    • Visited a stationery store to purchase additional supplies, spending $200.
    • These supplies were intended for the orphanage visit scheduled for June 28th.

Overall, June 25th primarily focused on logistical preparations, ensuring that the necessary funds and supplies were secured for the upcoming days of medical outreach.

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