Date: June 22, 2016

Location: Kizira village, Lake Victoria Education Services, Ssandi Orphanage, Berry’s Place, Kalangala Island


The fourth day of the Korean doctors’ visit to Uganda was marked by a series of impactful engagements aimed at understanding and addressing healthcare needs in Kalangala district.

The day began with a hearty breakfast as the team awaited their tour guide’s arrival. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the District Health Office’s unresponsiveness, Dr. Busonga had to seek permission from local leaders for their planned visits.

The team’s first stop was at Lake Victoria Education Services and Ssandi Orphanage in Kizira village. Supported by Child Care Worldwide, these institutions cater to over 405 learners daily with a budget ranging from $50,000 to $60,000. Despite their significant contributions to the community, they lacked basic amenities such as running water, which Dr. Busonga found distressing. The team explored the facilities and engaged with staff, including the nurse at the on-site clinic, to understand their challenges better. Donations of first aid kits were made to support their medical efforts.

Subsequently, the team navigated through challenging road conditions to reach Berry’s Place, a non-profit organization under Ssese Humanitarian Services, dedicated to supporting young women and girls with reproductive health services and other support. Despite the unplanned nature of their visit, they were graciously welcomed by Berry, who shared stories and challenges faced, including corruption on the island. The team donated school supplies and medical kits, furthering their commitment to supporting local initiatives.

After a fulfilling day of engagement, the team returned to the hotel to rest and prepare for the upcoming visits to clinics on the island.

Next Steps:

  1. Continued engagement with local healthcare facilities and communities.
  2. Assessment of clinic infrastructure and medical needs on Kalangala Island.
  3. Consideration of potential future collaborations and support initiatives.

This report will be included in the main report documenting the Korean team’ activities during their visit to Uganda, showcasing their dedication to understanding and addressing healthcare challenges in Kalangala district. Additionally, expanded details will be posted on the organization’s website to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the team’s impactful work in the community.

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