Ambulance and Non-Emergency patient transport

Emergency ambulance services are used in Uganda to respond to people who are seriously ill or severely injured due to accident or illness. Not everyone who phones us requires an urgent ambulance response. Ambulances are dispatched according to the medical urgency of the patient’s condition.

RHU Ambulance works with other EMTs across regions to provide emergency ambulance services throughout Uganda. We provide Non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) services through our transport division and through our network of clinicians and transport services.

Surgical Emergencies

Operating Space continues to be the leading cause of delayed elective surgery in Uganda followed by shortage of blood leading to increased costs into surgeries across the country and delays that lead to emergencies.

In a bid to enable our network facilities with Surgical provision capacity, Real health picked interest in helping the institutions to come up with specific budgetary costs that may help in the planning and budgeting for surgical procedures at specific health facilities supported by RHU to reduce on emergency surgeries and prepare to support those that produce at the ED.

The organisation assists with researching, equipping, developing and disseminating strategic directions and policies to improve the provision of hospital surgical services.

The availability of timely and high-quality emergency surgery is critical to the functioning of the health system and is a high priority for the RHU community.

Research findings demonstrate that the leading cause of delayed or inaccessible surgery is the lack of operating space for institutions.

RHU insists on Encouraging Hospitals and CAN Members to improve status and create space for surgical procedures as they plan for institutional development and expansions.

Surgical Services Research

An understanding of operative case volume and distribution is essential in facilitating targeted interventions to strengthen surgical capacity. Research Done by DDC Health Services Suggest that “surgical workforce is the critical driver of operative volume in the Ugandan public sector” and that Investment in the surgical workforce is imperative to ensure access to safe, timely, and affordable surgical and anaesthesia care.

Minor Surgeries

RHU Facilitates Minor Surgeries for Anyone that may Need them. The Department Of Health & Human Services, will continue to work with PUHMED Members and specialised surgeons to help patients during RHU Activities and Services Operations that facilitate Minor Surgeries across the country.

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