Period: Dec 2019

Background: The Bwaise Orphanage, situated in a suburb of Kampala, is home to 46 children, including 3 living with HIV. Despite facing numerous challenges, including flooding during the rainy season and inadequate housing conditions, RHU has been providing essential support to the orphanage.

Financial Implications: RHU has been actively involved in providing financial assistance for the orphanage’s basic needs, including food and educational materials. The cost of feeding the children ranges from UGX 550,000 to 1,200,000 per week, depending on the quality of meals provided. Additionally, refurbishing the orphanage to improve living conditions would require over UGX 212,000,000.

Support from The Third Doctors: RHU acknowledges the support received from The Third Doctors, particularly during the festive season (remittance of $2000), in providing beddings, food, and educational materials for the children at the orphanage.

Strategies & Sources: While RHU has relied on support from Dr. Busonga’s businesses, Engineer Rehemah Nyanzi, and other individuals and companies, sustaining long-term funding for the orphanage remains a challenge. RHU is exploring fundraising strategies and seeking partnerships to secure the necessary resources for ongoing support.

Appendix: The report includes detailed breakdowns of contributions, receipts, and photographs documenting RHU’s involvement with the orphanage over the years. You can download a full copy of the report from the PUHMED® resource center. You will need to log in.

Conclusion: Despite the challenges, RHU remains committed to supporting the Bwaise Orphanage and improving the lives of the children under its care. Continued assistance from donors, partners, and well-wishers is essential to ensure the well-being and future prospects of these vulnerable children.

For those interested in supporting the orphanage, donations can be made directly to RHU via remittance, paypal, mobile money, or through the RHU donations page

Kids at the orphanage feast on deliverables donated by RHU and its partners

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