Mental Health

RHU’s mental health and wellbeing services provide people with a range of care and supports to ensure Ugandans can experience their best mental health.

A top priority of the Department of Health is to deliver mental health and wellbeing support where people live, work and learn to ensure everyone has access to treatment, care and support. This effort also include Clinical Support Staff and Experts.

Positive growth.

Growth, is very important to our society today and our efforts on the subject of mental health focuses on personal positive growth. Positive Growth encourages economic and personal development for our people and we must focus on efforts that encourage positive growth especially amongst children and young adults.

Real Health Uganda has programmes deployed at community, facility and Regional and National Levels to ensure access to Positive growth support services including those that address harmful practices and Drug abuse.

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Our Member facilities are being equipped to address issues of mental health, drug abuse and other harmful practices and create community support groups for people facing such challenges. We are also providing services to healthcare workers who are facing mental health challenges either at work or in their communities and homes.