Sharing good practice in healthcare delivery

Key Messages.

  • Real Health Uganda supports regular Internal and External capacity building for staff and volunteers as an opportunity to share good practice through the Quality Management Programme.
  • The Employee Assistance Program assists CAN Health professionals with strategies and initiatives to cope with increased Services demands.
  • The International Exchange Program helps professionals to visit other countries, work with other professionals and return to share knowledge and experiences with other professionals on an annual basis.
  • The Uganda- Korea Medical Camp Mission Continue to extend Experience based Approaches to Ugandan Physicians on Patient handling, and resource management as a tool for good practice.

Sharing good practice within Uganda’s health sector is vital to ensure continuous improvement can be made in the delivery of efficient and effective health services.The Real Health Uganda has supported a number of fora for CAN Members to share their ideas and practices on the Quality Of care, Patient Support and the interface between ambulance and emergency Services. Presentations from more recent fora are available on this website. For copies of other presentations please contact the department of Health & Human Services.

The RHU Quality Management Programme

The Quality Management Programme is RHU’s Assessment, preparatory and Extensive Quality Improvement Programme for health facilities and systems working with the Department of Health & Human Services. It works with professionals to explain systems, how they work and how best they can be explored to benefit patients and service providers in terms of quality of Care

Programme content

Over 150 attendees have directed received training with QMP, Only 3 physical trainings have been carried out contraint by resources to fully faciliate the applications. RHU has not made this Material For sale hence it cannot ask physicians to pay for traininigs. the Division Of Capacity Building will continue to raise resources to foster more trainings on topics in this programme. 

Material For this Training Is Available for CAN Member who can log into the Provider Website

The Employee Assistance Programme

This programme supports services providers with the skills they need to handle patients with highest level of quality services, with dignity and professionalism through a local clinicians exchange program where specialists happen to work with a set of RHU CAN member who may be understaffed or could lack the skills required to address a condition that RHU can support with.

Programme content

The Opportunities in this programme come at RHU’s Discretion, At a specific Time, RHU considers specific requests for services and Members will directly benefit either from the Physician presence at their Facility or from the support provided with guidance, however, the Clinician allocated has a responsibility to:

  • Introduce the expertise to a set of other clinicians or Staff of the facility
  • maximise the potential of that facility to handle similar cases to the best of his or her knowledge
  • Create and maintain a relationship with the Institution specifically for Monitoring and evaluation purposes, And;
  • Encourage Continued education procedures in that facility on the topic

Employee Assistance Programme Material is also available at the Provider Website

RHU’s International Exchange Programme

The IEP procedure is aimed at providing volunteer clinicians with opportunities to explore tested approaches from across the globe and share their experiences or challenges abroad for solutions that will benefit the Ugandan People. The Programme allows other people from other countries to volunteer here and learn the Ugandan Medical System and how best it can be improved.

Programme content

Material Is available at the Public Health Online Library and at the Provider Website

The Uganda Korea Medical Camp

This is one of the Volunteer Missions of the Organisation that encourages international volunteers to come around and provide skills and services to our people. The Uganda Korea Medical Camp Mission has housed over 300 volunteers since 2012 and has had a widerange of adoptions of best practices over the year

Programme content

The Content of the programme can be accessed here or at the Provider Website

5th Annual National Healthcare Quality Improvement Conference

This is a national conference that has had five QI seating but most of the information is yet to be availed

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