Agenda and Minutes

Date: November 13, 2020
Venue: Real Health Uganda Offices

  • President (interim): Dr. Jack Luyombya
  • Vice-President Internal (interim): Dr. Busonga Eliezah Titus
  • Vice-President External (interim): Dr. Brenda Katushabe
  • Treasurer (interim): Borrison Muguluma
  • Number of Participants: 19


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • The President called the meeting to order, extending a warm welcome to all participants.
    • Acknowledged the interim Executive and Board, recognizing their dedicated work since the last meeting in June 2019.
    • Addressed the challenges posed by COVID-19 and highlighted RHU’s effective response to the situation.
  2. Work Completed So Far:
    • Restructuring the Active committee in alignment with recommendations by the Ministry of Health.
    • Facilitating co-workers to continue supporting RHU’s work remotely.
    • Assisting facilities in coping with the challenges posed by COVID-19.
    • Financing emergencies for RHU communities.
    • Preparing for the anticipated wave of COVID-19 for as long as it persists.
  3. Expected Funding from The Third Doctors:
    • Discussed the need for improved planning and dissemination of funds from The Third Doctors (TTD).
    • Focused on adhering to any restrictions imposed by TTD.
    • Requested approval to allocate some of the funding to RHU’s administrative work.
  4. Agenda Adoption:
    • A motion to adopt the agenda was proposed by Dr. Irene and seconded by Dr. Busonga. The motion carried.
  5. Proposed Activities:
    • The VP Internal presented potential activities for RHU members, encompassing medical camps, member-based social activities, employee-based physical/health activities, and established RHU-related and non-RHU-related activities.
    • Emphasized the importance of organizing leaders, self-financing, and addressing space considerations for ongoing groups.
    • Sign-up sheets for activities were made available.
  6. Questions and Discussion:
    • Prospective members inquired about RHU’s purpose and representation of patients.
    • Queries were addressed, highlighting RHU’s commitment to community welfare.
  7. Governance (Handover):
    • Noted that the January elections were successful, and the handover is scheduled for March 07, 2021.
  8. Additional Issues Discussed:
    • Discussed the purchase of extra medical supplies to manage shortages caused by COVID-19.
    • Efforts to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to as many facilities as possible.
    • Initiatives to support pregnant girls in Eastern Uganda.
  9. Upcoming Events:
    • Official visit to Luuka.
    • Swearing-in ceremony.
  10. Appointments:
    • Announcement of the appointment of a senior medical officer.
  11. Closing Remarks:
    • The President expressed gratitude to all participants for their engagement and encouraged active involvement in upcoming activities.
    • The meeting was adjourned.

Note: These minutes serve as a summary and are subject to formal approval at the next Annual General Meeting.

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