Agenda and Minutes

Network Circular 1- 2020

• Release Date: 06 - Jan - 2020
• Issue No: 1- 2020
• Department: DHHS

Key Messages.

  • Issued to: All Network hospitals (both Private & Public), Ambulance Suppliers to RHU CAN
  • Purpose: To clarify responsibility for patient care on transfer from ambulance to hospital


Real Health requires Network Ambulance services suppliers and CAN Members to work together to ensure that all people in need of emergency care are able to access an ambulance and be transported, when required, to an emergency department (ED) in a timely manner. When a patient is delivered to an ED, the timely transfer of care to ED clinical staff enables the ambulance crew to be available to respond to other people in need of emergency care.

On arrival of an ambulance to an ED, the hospital will immediately assume responsibility for the patient’s care. It is recognised that, in some limited occasions, ED clinical staff may commence assessment, investigation and treatment when the patient is still on an ambulance trolley.

It is also noted that:

  • RHU Ambulance services suppliers have a duty of care to treat emergency patients. All patients are able to access care in an ED regardless of how they arrive.
  • Ambulance services will deliver patients to the nearest ED in accordance with clinical need, ensuring an optimal distribution of ambulance arrivals across hospitals to avoid, as far as possible, the clustering of arrivals.
  • Network Hospital CEOs will ensure that the hospital is available to provide assessment, investigations and treatment to a patient arriving by ambulance to an ED.

Ambulance services and CAN members are monitored on their transfer time performance with a target that 90 per cent of all ambulance patient transfers will occur within 40 minutes. Results on this indicator will be included in the Statement of Priorities (SoP) Performance Assessment Score (PAS) from 1 July 2020.

Further information

Further queries relating to the Ambulance Hospital Transfers policy should be directed to Ms. Samalie Musoke, Ambulance Services Officer on 41 467 1109.

Kakuru Ben
Executive Director
Real Health Uganda

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