Agenda and Minutes

Date: May 13, 2016
Venue: Pope Paul Memorial Hotel


  • President (interim): Dr. Jack Luyombya
  • Vice-President Internal (interim): Dr. Busonga Eliezah Titus
  • Vice-President External (interim): Dr. Brenda Katushabe
  • Treasurer (interim): Borrison Muguluma
  • Number of Participants: 58


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • The President called the meeting to order and welcomed all participants.
    • Acknowledged the interim Executive and Board for their dedicated work since the last meeting in November 2014.
  2. Work Completed So Far:
    • Re-drafting of the Constitution and By-Laws.
    • Registration of the Association with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
    • Meeting with the Minister.
    • Mailing of a letter announcing the creation of PUHMED® to patients.
    • Expression of interest from over 400 prospective members.
  3. Message from The Third Doctors Director:
    • The President read a message from Dr. Noh Bonggeun, The Third Doctors Director, congratulating RHU on securing support from TTD.
  4. Agenda Adoption:
    • A motion to adopt the agenda was proposed by Jacob Sendikaddiwa and seconded by Dr. Samson Sekyewa. The motion carried.
  5. Proposed Activities:
    • The VP Internal presented potential activities for RHU members.
    • Activities included medical camps, member-based social activities, employee-based physical/health activities, established RHU-related, and non-RHU-related activities.
    • Emphasis on the need for organizing leaders, self-financing, and space considerations for ongoing groups.
    • Sign-up sheets for activities were made available.
  6. Questions and Discussion:
    • Prospective members asked questions about RHU’s purpose and representation of patients.
    • Queries were addressed, emphasizing the commitment to community welfare.
  7. Governance (Constitution and By-Laws):
    • The V.P.s Internal and External introduced the draft Constitution and By-Laws.
    • Amendments to the Constitution were discussed and approved.
  8. Additional Issues Discussed:
    • Purchase of the RHU SOMI Bus.
    • Expansion of opportunities for medical students, including participation in research.
    • Opening the first Real Health Uganda Hospital to supplement RHU Clinics countrywide.
  9. Upcoming Events:
    • Discussion on The Third Doctors’ visit in June.
    • Participation in the Kalangala fact-finding mission trip.
    • Plans to donate medicines and tour Lukka district.
    • Launch of the new strategic plan scheduled for June 20, 2016, at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.
  10. Appointments:
  • Appointment of a Senior Medical Officer, a Senior Nursing Officer, and Non-clinical staff as deemed fit by DHHS was granted at the AGM.
  1. Closing Remarks:
  • The President thanked all participants for their engagement and encouraged active involvement in upcoming activities.
  • The meeting was adjourned.

These minutes are a summary and subject to approval at the next AGM.

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