To: Real Health Uganda Community Leaders, Staff, and Executive

Date: December 7, 2023

Dear Real Health Uganda Team,

We hope this memo finds you well. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are excited to inform you about upcoming changes to our Patient Engagement Policy. These adjustments align with the consultations for our New Strategic Plan covering the years 2025-2029.

Patient Engagement Policy Changes: The focus will be on restructuring regions and establishing new offices. Your input during the consultation process is crucial, and we encourage your active participation to shape these changes effectively.

Consultation Period: The consultations for the New Strategic Plan will take place over the coming weeks. We value your insights and look forward to collaborative discussions.

AGM 2024 – New Positions Discussion: At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2024, we will discuss new positions arising from the strategic plan. Consideration will be given to whether Real Health Uganda should hire or call for volunteers to fill these roles. As you are all aware that 2023 marks my final year in my current position, Ushering you in to 2024 as an interim, we will use 2024 as a consultative year but continue to support current efforts to ensure access for All.

Your attendance and input at the AGM are highly appreciated as we collectively decide on the direction of our organization. The decision of the dates for the AGM lays with the Department of Health and Human Services under Dr. Margaret Bisaso and Dr. Ssentongo Rashid’s leadership. Please liaise with them as we find better environment to run RHU.

Thank you for your dedication to Real Health Uganda’s mission. Together, we can enhance patient engagement and make a lasting impact on healthcare in Uganda.

Best regards,

Busonga Eliezah Titus, Executive Officer, Real Health Uganda

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