Agenda and Minutes

Date: Monday, June 15, 2015
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Kampala
Attendance: 76 Members

I. Opening Session:

  • Presiding Officers:
    • President (interim): Dr. Jack Luyombya
    • Vice-President Internal (interim): Dr. Busonga Eliezah Titus
    • Vice-President External (interim): Dr. Brenda Katushabe
    • Treasurer (interim): Borrison Muguluma
  • Attendance:
    • Number of participants: 76
  • Welcome and Acknowledgments:
    • The President called the meeting to order, extending a warm welcome to attendees.
    • Acknowledged the interim Executive and Board for their work since the last RHU meeting in November 2014.
    • Summarized completed tasks, including the re-drafting of the Constitution and By-Laws, association registration with the Uganda Registration Services bureau, another meeting with the Minister, mailing a letter about PUHMED® to patients, and expressing interest from over 400 prospective members.
  • Message from Third Doctors Director:
    • The President read a congratulatory message from Dr. Noh Bonggeun, The Third Doctors Director, applauding RHU’s success in securing support from TTD.

II. Adoption of Agenda:

  • A motion to adopt the agenda was proposed by Jacob Sendikaddiwa and seconded by Dr. Samson Sekyewa. The motion carried.

III. Proposed Activities:

  • Presented by VP Internal:
    • Sign-up sheets available for proposed activities.
    • Activities include medical camps, member-based social activities, employee-based physical/health activities (walking, cycling, yoga), RHU-related events (alumni events, international exchange program, medical survival lecture, RHU departmental and general lectures and conferences, RHU Book Fair), and non-RHU related activities suggested by members (volunteering, choirs, charity events).
    • Emphasized the need for group leaders, self-financing, and space considerations.
    • Proposed connecting people through newsletters on the website, Facebook, and email.
  • How to Proceed:
    • Sign-up sheets available outside.
    • Contact regional managers to suggest groups or activities.
    • Contact Executive or Board members for activity suggestions.
  • Questions from Prospective Members:
    • Addressed queries about RHU’s purpose and patient representation.

IV. Governance (Constitution and By-Laws):

  • Presented by VP Internal and External:
    • Introduced draft Constitution and By-Laws.
    • Amendments proposed and approved, ensuring RHU’s recognition as a non-profit organization nationwide by URSB.
    Amendments to RHU Constitution:
    • Board of Directors’ composition clarified.
    • Positions below the Director General are elective at the AGM.
    • Evaluation of positions below the Chief Executive Director.
    • Two elective positions may be re-elected.
    • Elected board members serve for 24 months.
    • Various offices may have up to three officers assisting.
    • The Executive Committee shall consist of five positions.
    • Evaluation of the Executive Committee at every AGM.

V. Election of Executive Committee:

  • Chairperson:
    • Dr. Jack Luyombya elected as Chairperson.
  • Other Positions:
    • Executive Secretary, Assistant Director of Medical Services, Assistant Director of Human Resource, and Assistant Director of Community Services filled.
  • Term:
    • The Executive Committee to serve for four years, with evaluations at each AGM.

VI. Closing Session:

  • Closing Remarks:
    • Expressions of appreciation for active participation.
    • Encouraged engagement in RHU initiatives for continued success.

Minutes recorded by Esther Nassuuna: Executive Secretary

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