Agenda and Minutes

Date: May 07, 2022
Venue: Piato Restuarant
Participants: 39
Chairperson: Dr. Busonga Eliezah
Vice-President Internal: Dr. Katushabe Brenda
Vice-President External: Dr. Keith
Treasurer: Borrison Muguluma


  1. Opening Remarks:
    • Dr. Busonga Eliezah commenced the meeting by extending warm greetings to all attendees and acknowledging the importance of the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Review of Previous Year’s Achievements and Challenges:
    • Past achievements and challenges encountered were reviewed, providing insights into areas of success and areas requiring improvement.
  3. Financial Report:
    • The Treasurer, Borrison Muguluma, presented the financial report for the previous year, detailing income, expenditure, and budget allocation.
  4. Strategic Planning for the Future:
    • Discussions were held on strategic planning for future initiatives, emphasizing the need to align organizational goals with emerging trends and challenges.
  5. Membership Update:
    • An update on membership status and recruitment efforts was provided, highlighting the growth of the organization and strategies for further expansion.
  6. Election of Board and Executive Members:
    • Elections were conducted for vacant positions on the Board and Executive, ensuring transparency and democratic representation within the organization.
  7. Discussion on Key Priorities:
    • Key priorities for the upcoming year were discussed, focusing on areas such as community engagement, program expansion, and resource mobilization.
  8. Approval of Budget and Plans for the Current Year:
    • The proposed budget and plans for the current year were presented and discussed, with attendees providing feedback and suggestions for refinement.
  9. Any Other Business (AOB):
    • Participants were given the opportunity to raise any additional matters or concerns during this segment of the meeting.

Decisions Made:

  1. Appointment of Board and Executive Members: New members were elected to fill vacant positions on the Board and Executive, ensuring diverse representation and expertise within the leadership team.
  2. Adoption of Budget and Plans: The proposed budget and plans for the current year were approved with minor amendments, reflecting the collective vision and priorities of the organization.
  3. Emphasis on Community Engagement: A renewed focus on community engagement and partnership building was agreed upon as a key priority for the organization’s growth and impact.
  4. Continued Financial Prudence: The Treasurer was tasked with ensuring continued financial prudence and accountability in managing the organization’s resources.

Closing Remarks:

  • Dr. Busonga Eliezah concluded the meeting by expressing gratitude to all participants for their active participation and valuable contributions. The meeting adjourned with a commitment to work collaboratively towards achieving the organization’s mission and objectives.

(Note: These minutes serve as a summary and are subject to formal approval at the next meeting.)

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