June 28th marked the conclusion of the 2018 Korean team activities, with a focus on a final meeting and visits to orphanages. Here’s a breakdown of the day’s events:

  1. Meeting:
    • Conducted a meeting with representatives from Real Health Uganda, health center staff, and other relevant stakeholders.
    • Discussions revolved around the collaboration between The Third Doctors and Real Health Uganda, transparency in fund utilization, and addressing healthcare needs in Uganda.
    • Followed by a question and answer session to address queries and concerns.
  2. Orphanage Visits:
    • Visited two orphanages to deliver supplies and assess conditions.
    • Notable differences were observed between the two orphanages, with one facing significant challenges in terms of living conditions and infrastructure.

June 28th concluded the Korean team visit with reflections on the challenges faced and the impactful support provided to local communities, emphasizing the ongoing efforts needed to address healthcare disparities and social welfare issues in Uganda.

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