Date: June 21, 2016

Location: Shumuk Forex Bureau at Grand Imperial Hotel, Entebbe Nakiwogo, Bulaga Island, Brovad Sands Lodge


On the third day of their visit to Uganda, the Korean doctors embarked on a series of logistical tasks and ventured into the field to prepare for their mission in Kalangala district.

The day began with the exchange of currency at Shumuk Forex Bureau located at Grand Imperial Hotel. Despite encountering some aggression, the team successfully completed the transaction.

Following the currency exchange, the team proceeded to Entebbe Nakiwogo to locate the ferry for their journey to Bulaga Island. Due to the limited ferry schedule, the team had to wait for the next available ride, utilizing this time to explore the village, visit healthcare facilities, and interact with residents. The team remained vigilant on the road, ensuring the safety of their transportation and avoiding potential health and mechanical challenges.

Upon boarding the ferry, the team embarked on a four-hour journey towards Bulaga Island. Despite efforts to contact the District Health Office, they were unable to reach Dr. Busonga upon arrival. Consequently, the team decided to lodge at their reserved accommodation, Brovad Sands Lodge.

At the lodge, the team regrouped to review their plans and allocate responsibilities. They also coordinated with a local guide who would assist them with navigation during their mission. Despite facing challenges with poor Wi-Fi connectivity, which hindered communication with Real Health Uganda’s office and the Korean team’s counterparts in Korea, the team adapted to the situation and made the most of the resources available at the hotel.

Dinner was served at the hotel, providing the team with an opportunity to relax and enjoy the comforts of their surroundings after a long day of travel and preparations.

Next Steps:

  1. Visiting Sandi childrens village and Lake Victoria Education Center.
  2. Visiting Berry’s place and Ssese Humanitarian Services location.

This report will be included in the main report documenting the Korean doctors’ activities during their visit to Uganda, highlighting the logistical challenges faced and the team’s resilience in overcoming them. Additionally, expanded details will be posted on the organization’s website to provide stakeholders with insight into the team’s journey and preparations in Kalangala district.

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