Date: June 20, 2016

Location: Nexus Hotel, Egwonnero Life-saving Hospital in Kate Falawo, Kawempe, Pope Paul Memorial Hotel


The second day of the Korean team’ visit to Uganda began with the delivery of the previously lost luggage by the airline, containing essential items including candies, computers and gifts. The morning was dedicated to organizing drug lists for donation and planning the day’s activities.

The team commenced their fieldwork by visiting Egwonnero Life-saving Hospital in Kate Falawo, Kawempe. Here, they engaged with hospital staff and patients, distributing donated medicines. Egwonnero Hospital is an essential partner in Real Health Uganda’s healthcare network, receiving medicines from RHU as part of the quarterly support system. The hospital plays a crucial role in providing healthcare services, catering to approximately 6,000 patients every quarter.

After the hospital visit, the team returned to prepare for the Launch of the Strategic Plan and Partners Gala, hosted at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel. Although the Korean team lacked comprehensive briefing, they successfully managed their responsibilities during the event. The gala lasted for four hours and featured speeches by Dr. Okello and various donors, including TTD.

During the gala, the Korean team demonstrated their commitment to supporting Real Health Uganda by donating laptops and phones to the directors and pledging continued support. Special recognition was given to significant contributors, including Ms. Kim SOMI and Mrs. Rehemah Nyanzi, mothers of the directors of TTD and RHU respectively.

The event concluded with a meal provided by the hotel, after which preparations began for the team’s upcoming journey to Kalangala. A brief meeting was held at Nexus Hotel to discuss logistical arrangements for the trip.

Next Steps:

  1. Preparation for travel to Kalangala.
  2. Traveling to Kalangala
  3. Fact finding mission in Kalangala.

This report will be included in the main report documenting the Korean doctors’ activities during their visit to Uganda, showcasing their dedication to supporting healthcare initiatives and fostering partnerships. Additionally, expanded details will be posted on the organization’s website to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the team’s impactful work in Uganda.

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