Date: June 19, 2016

Location: Uganda, Entebbe International Airport, Nexus Hotel in Nansana Wakiso District, Bwaise Orphanage

Purpose: Support Real Health Uganda and assess the need to expand healthcare services to Kalangala district

Team: Led by Dr. Noh Bonggeun, welcomed by Dr. Busonga, Dr. Okello, and Ps. Okello Sr.


The team of Korean doctors, under the leadership of Dr. Noh Bonggeun, embarked on a mission to Uganda to support Real Health Uganda and explore opportunities for expanding healthcare services to Kalangala district. The journey commenced on June 19, 2016, with the team’s arrival at Entebbe International Airport, where they were warmly greeted by Dr. Busonga and welcomed by Dr. Okello and Ps. Okello Sr. Despite facing the challenge of missing luggage, plans were swiftly made to ensure the delivery of the necessary items to Nexus Hotel in Nansana, Wakiso district, where the team was scheduled to stay.

Despite the evident fatigue and jet lag, the team exhibited remarkable perseverance and dedication to their mission. On the day of their arrival, they immediately engaged in a meaningful activity by visiting the Bwaise Orphanage. Located behind the main market in Bwaise, the orphanage is managed by the local council and supported by the Women’s representative, aiming to provide vital support for the survival of very young babies. Mohammed, responsible for the basic managerial duties, warmly welcomed the team.

The visit to the Bwaise Orphanage left a profound impact on the team, as they witnessed firsthand the challenging conditions and urgent need for assistance. The orphanage, housed in a dilapidated building, clearly requires significant improvements, including a new facility. During their visit, the team received a list of names from the orphanage, documenting individuals with various ailments in need of medical assistance.

Despite the emotional strain and physical exhaustion, the team’s commitment to their mission remained unwavering. Their dedication to alleviating the suffering of those in need was evident, serving as a testament to their compassion and professionalism.

Next Steps:

  1. Visits to Eggwonnero and Nabweru HC III.
  2. OSSP Launch at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.
  3. Evaluation of opportunities for providing medical assistance to Kalangala District.
  4. Continued engagement with orphanages and Network members with support from TTD.

This report will be included in the main report detailing the team’s activities during the TTD visit to Uganda, serving as a comprehensive record of their efforts and accomplishments. Additionally, expanded details will be posted on the organization’s website to provide stakeholders with insight into the team’s impactful work in Uganda.

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