Date: June 23, 2016

Location: Kalangala Township, Kalangala Health Center IV, St. Peters Drug Shop, Shuhaada Health Center, Ssese Medical Center, Brovad Sands Lodge


Day 5 of the Korean team’ mission in Uganda was dedicated to visiting clinics in Kalangala Township to assess healthcare infrastructure and explore potential collaborations.

The team’s first stop was at Kalangala Health Center IV, a crucial public health facility serving the entire district. Despite facing challenges in gaining access due to bureaucratic hurdles and unresponsiveness from the District Health Office (DHO), the team was able to observe the facility’s operations. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to enter the premises or take photographs without permission from the DHO, who remained elusive.

Undeterred by the setbacks, the team proceeded to visit other healthcare facilities in the township, including St. Peters Drug Shop, Shuhaada Health Center, and Ssese Medical Center. However, they encountered similar challenges characterized by bureaucratic delays and a sense of frustration with the pervasive corruption prevalent in the system.

The only difference is that at these facilities some information and interaction with patients and their care takers was allowed. Information on how these facilities are ran was also provided.

Returning to Brovad Sands Lodge in the evening, the team regrouped to prepare the final list of medicines for donation. Despite the day’s challenges, they remained committed to their mission of supporting healthcare in Kalangala district. Recognizing the urgent need for malaria treatment, especially among pediatric patients, the team agreed to prioritize the provision of pediatric malaria treatment alongside other essential medicines.

Next Steps:

  1. Return to Kampala.
  2. Purchase Medicines.
  3. Bank money.

This report will be included in the main report documenting the Korean doctors’ activities during their visit to Uganda, highlighting the challenges encountered and their resilience in overcoming obstacles to support healthcare initiatives. Additionally, expanded details will be posted on the organization’s website to provide stakeholders with insight into the team’s efforts to assess and address healthcare needs in Kalangala Township.

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