What is the purpose of the Wellness Assessment?

The Wellness Assessment is a set of questions to help your Care Advocate (social worker) to understand how you are doing in treatment. It helps the Care Advocate in working with your therapist so that you receive the services you need. The direction of your therapy is the result of the treatment decisions that you make together with your care worker.

How long will it take me to complete the Wellness Assessment?

Completing the form only takes a few moments of your time. Discuss with your
social worker anything on the Wellness Assessment that you find important.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes. Your responses on the Wellness Assessment are considered Protected Health
Information and are kept confidential. Your care givers follow the confidentiality policies protecting patient information and those put in place by Real Health Uganda.

Will my responses affect my benefits?

No. Your answers on this Wellness Assessment will not affect your RHU support
coverage or eligibility.

Will all the Wellness Assessments I complete be done at my doctor’s office?

No. About four months after the date you start treatment, you will receive a
Wellness Assessment in the mail or by delivery directly from your Real Health Uganda. A business reply envelope will be included. Simply complete the Wellness
Assessment and return it in the envelope provided. You can mail that or just give it back to the delivery person.

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