Eliezah Titus Busonga MD MMed MPH

The Chief Executive Officer at Real Health Uganda, Senior Research Analyst, board chairperson at RHU, the best teacher this team has ever had and an intelligent and result oriented leader.

Dr. Busonga has led this organisation with utmost commitment, he has mentored, advised, recruited, designed programs and projects, participated in community outreaches both locally and internationally, built capacity, fund-raised for projects, found new partners and maintained them.

His commitment to the non-profit and corporate wings of this organisation is unmatched. He has made sure standards and guidelines are followed. He has supported us to restructure and rebrand RHU, he has worked with us to create local partnerships and engage communities we work with, given us perspective on social and gender issues that helped us to design children and women safeguarding policy. He is a big policy asset to the healthcare, gender and social development sector to both non-profit and public sectors and continues to impact surgical residents across the country.

We are proud to know and work with him as our executive director and board chair. His contributions to the various sectors gives us hope that we have an asset to address all the challenges in the work space.

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