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Real Health Uganda and The Third Doctors top management have met in Kampala today to discuss way forward after the 2018 annual general Meeting of Real health. It has been a norm for the Directors to meet in other countries than Uganda but for a change, the 2018 RHU & TTD meeting happened at Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo Today. Both Organisations were represented by the founders and Directors and discussed issues of funding, medical development, business and RHU Development.

The Director, The Third Doctors Mr. Jung discussed with Dr. Busonga, possible ideas of improving on the quality of health services and what RHU could do as an institution to improve services delivery as an institution. He promised to help RHU in coming up with better business plans to collect more revenue including investing in possible businesses.

Dr. Noh, Founder and Director of The Third Doctors, explored together with Dr. Busonga the Ideas of improving the lives of children in rural Uganda who have continuously walked without shoes to and from schools and said that a rubber shoe project will greatly impact such people. Ms. Kim, a kindergarten teacher and Member of TTD promised to participate in making the shoe project work.

“Working With RHU has brought a new experience to the table of The Third Doctors, Uganda reminds us a lot about Korea and our history, and it is an honor to work with very many special people from this part of the world, I will continue to work with RHU and to help them see the change they desire” Said Ms Kim.

Real Health Uganda will finalise commence consultation on these issues to be constituted into a strategic plan for 2020-2024 by the end of Novemeber 2019

“We will work closely with our consultants to put all the ideas of the meeting today into play for the next course of implementation” daid Dr. Busonga

Real health Uganda Will be running a new strategic plan by 2020.

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